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I had been seeing many beautiful photos of Africa’s highest peak; Mount Kilimanjaro with the wild animals grazing by and I couldn’t wait to go to Amboseli National Park to get those exact views and shots.

When we started planning for this trip we were torn between using the SGR and driving down but after weighing our options we settled for SGR because it seemed the easiest option plus we also wanted the little wanderluster to experience her first train ride.

Train ride

We got to experience SGR first class in an inter county train that took one and a half hours from Nairobi to Emali with one stop over in between. From Emali to our hotel took us two and a half hours by road. Yes, 2.5 hours on a dusty road.

We arrived at the Amboseli National Park main gate just before midday. So here people stop to pay park fee, to ease themselves and also to shop around. There are very talented Maasai women who sell beautiful Maasai ornaments at the gate at bargain-able prices and I was lucky to get me some of those that I had been admiring for the longest.

Main gate

Our hotel  Amboseli Serena Lodge which is within the park did not disappoint. It is far from the road but it was beautiful; our room was nice, staffs were amazing, food was delicious all through and we enjoyed our stay.

Some of the activities that you can do at Amboseli National Park include game drive, camping, bird watching, photography and while outside the park you can also visit the Maasai community if you want to learn their culture. I already visited the Maasai Manyatta homestead when I traveled to Maasai Mara MAASAI MARA so I didn’t include it in our itinerary this time.

Serena hotel only offers very early morning or late evening game drives so we settled for the late evening drive. It was a great drive and we managed to see many different animals.

Should you stay at Serena Amboseli I recommend you go for the 6am-9am game drive. They charged ksh5000 per person for the drive in their land cruisers which carry a maximum of four people. We were two adults and a child so we had the land cruiser to ourselves.

Showing off my purchase 🙂
Ready for the game drive

Some of the animals we spotted easily were the elephants, monkeys, lion, zebras, giraffes, hyena, baboons, antelopes, hippos, Thomson gazelles and birds of different species.

The park has about 5 swamps which are a source of water for the animals. Also our tour guide mentioned that the snow at the peak of the mountain has been melting at a fast rate recently.

This trip was such a beautiful experience. From the train station at Emali to Amboseli to the hotel to the 2.5 hours late evening game drive to our entire stay at Serena hotel and back again to the Emali train station was such an adventure on its own. I love to capture such moments.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you need any more info.

eve j

Viewing the park from the observation hill
Lounging by the pool
Queen of the jungle
They are so many here
Beautiful Serena
Really, who is more beautiful than a giraffe?
Yo! See beauty
Observation hill


  1. Around how much do you spend overall for these amazing trips? They look like fun and definitely enlightening for your lil one. How long does it take you to plan?

    1. Ok, usually I start to prepare early for my travels. Like if I know I am traaveling in September for my birthday I satrt now. also for family travels my partner is involved and we both contribute which lessens the burden.

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