Traveling solo or with friends as a married woman.

Sometime back I listened to a travel podcast to which the topic of discussion was solo travel. And solo traveling as a married woman or man was discussed. It was interesting and fun mostly because it was hosted by one like me 😊

As a wife who is sometimes solo traveling or traveling with friends, on this post I decided to focus on ‘solo traveling as a married woman’.

Depending on your school of thought, solo travel as a married woman can be a very heated topic and that’s why I thought to write about it because I know that like me there are moms and wives out there who love traveling, long to travel, can afford it but are afraid to travel solo or with the girls because what will people say or think.

When you are married and with children you are supposed to take care of your husband and your family’s needs, right? Go to work, take care of your children, right? And maybe wash some dishes in between….

A lot of times I hear or read comments like “I wish I traveled before I got married” , “I wish I traveled before I got children or when I get married I’ll stop doing this or that…” and it’s ok because every one of us is different.

“Your husband doesn’t mind you traveling alone?” I know he understands that I love to travel (so much that we made sure to include family travel in our budget), and they have since caught the bug too. So traveling alone or with my friends has never been an issue just the same way traveling with family is ok.

He is always helping me out e.g. he drops me to catch my bus or flight, makes sure I don’t miss my flights by always checking me in on time, calls to find out my program for the day etc

Allow me to digress a bit. You see, as a little girl, my dad worked and moved from one town to another in Nyanza province (then). That meant us always moving with him to wherever he was posted to next. I looked forward and we always moved from one small town to another but when we finally landed in Kisumu, we set base there and the family travel from one town to another stopped though dad still traveled for his work.

Before marriage, I had also traveled and lived in Nakuru, lived in Eldoret, lived in Mombasa, lived in Uganda and also lived in Nairobi. That meant always traveling and even living alone.

In marriage, a week after our wedding, in a long distance marriage, I moved and lived in the United States for greener pastures. So for me traveling is something that has always been present, as well as solo travel, and maybe that’s why it could be an easy thing for me to do.

But because this post is not entirely about me, here is a list of a few tips that I could say have also enabled or made it easy for me to travel alone as a ‘married woman’ that maybe someone else could also find useful.

•Financing my own travels.

•Staying true to myself at all times.

•I feel that my husband is an enlightened person and that kinda makes it easy for him to understand.

•I always inform him early enough about my scheduled travel.

•If I’m traveling with my friends I let him know who I’ll be traveling with.

•If I’m traveling alone he is always fully aware the flight I’m using or means of transport, the hotel I’ll be staying at and the duration of my stay as well as the date I’m traveling back so that he can check me in on time again 🙂

•As a mom, I always make sure I plan my solo travel when my husband is not on travel. That way at least one parent is around.

•I think it also helps that we have always had our separate lives and also have our life together as a team. He can be out there with his friends watching Manchester United being beaten like a burukenge while I can be at Koroga festival hanging out with my friends and the next day we shall all be hanging out together and enjoying our family time. We’ve always not felt that it’s a must we do everything together, and same applies to travel.

•I always say what I want, I’ve never been afraid to say “babe, my friends and I are planning a trip to” or “I can’t wait to travel to”. Let your thoughts be known.

•Lastly, he is aware of the dreams I have for my travel blog.

This post only had in mind a mother and/or wife who has always wanted to travel with her friends or take a solo travel trip in vain.

I hope you found a tip or two that’s useful and always remember every marriage is different.

Next week we talk about how I afford my travels. Stay tuned.

Thank you.

eve j, the traveling mom.

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