My name is Eve J. A Kenyan, living in Nairobi Kenya. With a Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies, I’m currently in the car hire business and at the same time blogging about my hobby which is traveling. I travel by finding great and affordable packages that enable me to travel strictly within my budget.

This forum is just to provide you with info and help as much as I can in whichever way possible in matters travel, especially on places I have been to and share with you all the budget friendly places I have visited, to help, motivate and inspire you to take those trips you have been longing to have without having to break the bank.

The main idea is fo us to travel on our budgets, reducing the costs of one trip to enable us go for the second trip. As we all know traveling is very expensive so personally I love to travel comfortably without having to waste money on places where I could have saved a little. So that’s the reason I encourage budget travel but if luxury travel is your thing then that’s totally ok as well.

Where I have been

Where I have been