A few weeks ago, I road tripped to Mombasa with my hubby and our little one and we had the time of our lives. These two are my favorite travel buddies. You know that thing they say about a family that travels together, right? 🙂 I always look forward to traveling with them.

Thank God it’s Friday! How timely for this post

We began our journey at 5am and by 2pm we were checking into our beautiful hotel. We always leave that early to avoid the crazy traffic along Mariakani. Continue reading “MOMBASA, THE CITY I LOVE/AUGUST2017”


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2017 I decided to awaken the traveling and adventurous spirit in me, but as I grow up, the more expensive it becomes hence I decided to do this post on travel saving tips. ?

The financial part of traveling is usually tough. Because honestly time is not a problem for me. So it got me thinking, how do you prepare financially for your trips?

I am basically an outdoor person, so I have divided my trips into adventure and traveling.

Up in the air

For adventure they can be stuff like camping just a few hours away from the city or hiking or picnics or lunch at a beautiful place away from the city etc.

All these are adventures that I can do in a day and come back to the city same or next day. They are basically less expensive trips and I don’t spend more than ksh5000 on them. I find them a little bit easy to plan for.

Traveling on the other hand is expensive. You literally need to have a budget and draw out a plan of where you want to go to, how much the trip will cost, how long you will save, activities you will do, how many days you will be away, how much you will spend on food and activities, means of travel, do you need a visa etc.

If I have a trip planned up,  I usually put some money aside every month and I also cut out or reduce some stuff ??? e.g. Eating out, alcohol (very expensive btw) , night outs, salon visits (thank God I’m a naturalista I can handle my hair at home ??) Yes I do all these and sometimes I save up a lot for my trip depending on how disciplined I was.

One thing that also works great for me, e.g. say if I were planning to travel to Dar es Salaam, I book my flight first, months earlier and you get cheap rates hence you save up. Getting hotel/accommodation money cannot be a problem within the remaining months if I work smart on it.


Another trick, pay for bed and breakfast only then have a heavy and filling breakfast that lunch will have nothing on you 🙂 you just snack away. Then you go for a light dinner. That way you spend less on food.

The last trip I took to Zanzibar, I wanted to sightsee and do some activities. I asked the hotel and they gave me a quote of ksh15000! hold up, not even ksh5000 (because that I can pay if I have) but Fifteen-thousand-kenya-shillings! ??

So I later talked to one of their waiters who agreed to show me around at ksh1000 on their off day. In a nutshell, don’t be afraid to ask the locals.

Those are just some of my traveling tricks, do you have any traveling tricks? How do you save up for your travels?



I have been lucky to visit Kampala, Uganda several times. 2017 I decided to visit again and this was a special trip for me because I was going back ten years later.

While taking a walk in kampala

Well, Uganda is a beautiful country with warm and friendly people who are always ready to help. You will always feel at home the moment you set foot into the country. The most commonly spoken language in Kampala is Luganda and some people also speak a little bit of Swahili therefore communication is so easy. Continue reading “MY 2017 KAMPALA, UGANDA VISIT/MY TRAVELS”