Some tips for road trips

I love road trips! I have done several but I still find myself getting excited whenever one is coming up. I find them exciting and full of fun especially if driving down with friends or family.  There is that freedom that comes with it if you have a private car, for example you are free to do whatever you wish to, you can put your feet on the dashboard, you can sleep without worrying who is bothered by your loud snoring, you can fart (LOL) because these are people who understand you and would not take somethings so seriously. Continue reading “Some tips for road trips”

Do you love travelling but find it hard to take a trip?

I get asked how I manage to travel so often, It’s not about having so much money, I just enjoy traveling. It doesn’t matter where I am traveling to, my means of travel or who I am traveling with, the fact that I’m traveling is the most important part to me because that’s my hobby, in fact I’m so looking forward to taking a solo travel this year. Just me alone for a week. I could only be going to Machakos and feel so excited about it.

Road trip anyone? hahaha I love road trips so much, it’s fun! and more so because it’s less expensive than traveling by air and enables me to save some extra money for partying (LOL) or just doing some other things or having some extra cash with me or just saving for the next trip. Continue reading “Do you love travelling but find it hard to take a trip?”