Do you love travelling but find it hard to take a trip?

I get asked how I manage to travel so often, It’s not about having so much money, I just enjoy traveling. It doesn’t matter where I am traveling to, my means of travel or who I am traveling with, the fact that I’m traveling is the most important part to me because that’s my hobby, in fact I’m so looking forward to taking a solo travel this year. Just me alone for a week. I could only be going to Machakos and feel so excited about it.

Road trip anyone? hahaha I love road trips so much, it’s fun! and more so because it’s less expensive than traveling by air and enables me to save some extra money for partying (LOL) or just doing some other things or having some extra cash with me or just saving for the next trip.

There are those people who also love traveling but being on the road for more than six hours puts them off.  So it’s just a matter of cutting your coat according to your size, if you do not have the resources to book flights, plan to go by road if It’s a place you can drive to. For example some times I catch a bus to Kisumu, sometimes I go by flight, sometimes I drive. Totally depends on how I had planned and prepared for the trip.

Do you lack time to travel? If traveling is your thing trust me you will create all the time in the world for it :-). If you are employed you are entitled to leave days, you can plan your travels at the time you would always go for your leave.

Do you find traveling expensive? Yes, it is very expensive if it’s not saved and planned for. It’s all in the planning and saving. You can plan to have one travel a year, so that gives you enough time to plan and save well for it. Plan for mid-year or early in the year as during these times you are sure to get good deals. Try and avoid December and public holidays travels as rates usually shoot during these times unless you are totally prepared for it.

You don’t have to check into hotels if you have friends or relatives living in the places you wish to visit. Don’t be shy to ask them for accommodation. Talk to them way in advance about your idea to visit, if you do not like the idea of going to live with someone then you can rent an apartment (Thank God for Airbnb) or book affordable hotels. If you opt for living in a hotel, bed and breakfast is all you need, you will spend less having your lunch and dinner outside.

I love traveling as a group with my family or friends because it reduces costs so much. Most times we have travelled by road; we drive down or hire a van and pay a driver to drive us. We rent an apartment and divide all costs amongst us. Makes traveling so cheap.

Traveling does not mean going out of the country, if abroad trips seem too expensive (oh yes they are), tembea Kenya! (My plan for this year by the way). We have very many beautiful and lovely places in our country to explore, plan for this.

Lastly, do not forget to plan in advance and save. When you plan this means doing a research on the place you want to visit, comparing rates, finding out if you will be able to access public transport etc. Once you know how much you will need start saving towards it and do not underestimate your costs.

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