Are you an avid camper? Have you camped at Lake Oloiden yet? Well I have been able to camp twice this year, the first was at savage wilderness, Sagana and the 2nd was at Oloiden camping site in Kongoni, Naivasha for a birthday party with the girls.

Awesome view

Just like the first one, camping at Oloiden was a one night affair. The girls and I left Nairobi around midday and arrived at Oloiden camping site at 4pm because we had a stopover at Delamere Farm shop to grab a quick lunch. From Delamere to the camping site was quite a distance though, we had underestimated it yet it took us another one hour drive.


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At Oiloiden camping site you can bring your own tent and they provide you with bedding at a small fee or you can use theirs; their charges are as follows:

Quad tent @ Ksh 4,500 for 4 people sharing 2 double mattresses

Kizingo tent @ Ksh 6,000 for 5 people sharing 3 double mattresses

Jumbo tent​ @ 8,000 for 8 people sharing 4 double mattresses

Double tent @ 3,500 for 2 people sharing 1 double mattress

The thing I loved most was that you can camp right near the lake, how cool is that? You get to spend the night around hippos and monkeys but of course they have good security. They have an electric fence so the animals can’t reach you but of course the monkeys manoeuvre their way around always. Also at night and the next morning they lit bonfires for us, the place is so so cold so the bonfire helped us a lot.

The welcome sign

On matters food, they do have a restaurant but we brought our own food and drinks. We cooked our own food both on the day we arrived and the next morning’s breakfast. They have grills that you can hire and they will even help you light them up, you can also bring your own grill, a cooker/jiko as well.

Tea time
My view

Oloiden camping site is very green with breath-taking views. The toilets and bathrooms are very clean with hot water showers and you can easily tell the camping site is well maintained and taken care of.

If you are a morning person wake up very early in the morning to catch the beautiful sunrise. I had set my alarm to wake up for the sunrise but I still overslept and so I didn’t get to do it.

If you are looking for budget friendly quick gateaways then this is just one of those.

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