I finally made my maiden trip to Diani, Kenya. YAY!

The white sandy beach of Diani

I have been longing to visit Diani and finally my dream came through. I’ve been to Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi and even lived in Mombasa for close to 2 years but for some reason I had never visited Diani. Well, there is a first for everything, right? right.

I did this trip with my long time Lifestyle Blogger friend, Itch, who had been planning to visit Diani as well and it was fuuuuuuuuun!

Diani Beach
The sun was too much though
Sailing away

We booked our flight early enough and the Jambo jet flight to Ukunda cost us ksh9400 each but mainly because we opted to travel during the week. That was a deal because the Friday-Monday flight was going to cost us ksh13,500 each.

Even though by air is faster, it has so many other hidden costs, for example, to uber to and from JKIA cost me another 4K! And should your luggage exceed the required kgs you pay an extra 1K. If you opt to travel by bus, Nairobi to Diani and back won’t cost you more than ksh5000 on transport. When you get to Mombasa, taxi/uber charges between 4K – 6K to Diani. Matatu or tuktuk are cheaper.

For accommodation, we looked on Airbnb and found this beautiful beachfront cottage. Initially we were booking a one bedroom house @ 6K per day but after paying for it the owner confirmed only a two bedroom was available so he gave it to us at the price of one bedroom.

Fast forward to our arrival, the cottage was lovely for the amount we were paying. A big compound with about eight houses; one, two and three bedroom rustic themed houses, a big swimming pool and the very white sandy beach just a minute a way.

Lounging outside at the beautiful cottage
Me enjoying the beach

The Ocean was beautiful in a way I had never seen it before, in South Coast I can say the beaches are sparkling white and the water changes to different beautiful colors throughout the day.


I woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise and it was more than beautiful.

I woke up early enough for the sunrise.

I love boat rides, so whenever I get the opportunity to do it, I never think twice and this was different and bestest because it lasted 2 hours, yes! 2 good hours touring the ocean hehehe…. I also got to experience a camel ride and learned how to row a boat.

About to take off for our 2 hour boat ride
Getting lessons from the pro. It isn’t an easy thing.
Madafu when boat riding

What I liked about Diani beach is how the hotels, bars and restaurants are so close to one another you can walk from one hotel to the next in a short distance and at night people are taking walks although I am always scared to be at the beach at night.

A friend hosted us for dinner by the beach at Diani’s finest fresh sea food restaurant

For the sea food restaurant click  here

The highlight of this trip apart from the very white sandy beaches was the Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant we went to for dinner. It is a restaurant set in a natural coral cave. It was so beautiful especially at night because of the lighting in there and the fact that the cave is open at the top so you are able to see the sky and stars. A little pricey but worth the experience and totally awesome! check it out here

Dinner at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Diani

For drinks in the evening by the beach you can try here and for night club you can try here

Am I looking forward to my next trip to Diani? ABSOLUTELY! and this time I pray for a much longer trip 🙂


I was trying to capture the moon










    1. Hi, I have gone to North Coast several times but hadn’t visited South Coast. So you can imagine how much fun this was for me.

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