I love places that are so near you can drive down or hop into a matatu early in the morning to escape the city in 1 or 2 hours and be back in the evening or the next day. So last week, I did a road trip to Hell’s Gate, Naivasha.

I was last at Hell’s Gate National Park many years ago; we decided to do it again because I could hardly remember. Naivasha is an amazing town with a lot to learn, a lot to adventure in and is that ideal place for you when your wanderlust is calling for a short or spontaneous road trip.

Our first stop was at Mai Mahiu to see the beautiful Landscape (for some reason it’s usually foggy and very cold here). On arrival we first stopped by Elsa Gate to hire our bicycles then went inside Hell’s Gate to start the agenda of the day. Cycling is not an easy task oh!(insert the Nigeria accent) I mean I could do it so well back then when I was young but this time I couldn’t keep up, so after some 5 minutes (lol) I decided to be the designated driver of the crew.

Activities you can do here include biking, game viewing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, bird watching and swimming in the hot spa amongst others.

We toured the Hell’s Gate park first; it was fun seeing the beautiful scenery, plumes, escarpments, the wild animals, the birds, Olkaria Geothermal Station and the geothermal spa.

We weren’t able to do the gorge walk at Hell’s Gate (which was the main thing I really wanted to do, too bad) because the weather was bad. It had started drizzling when we were about to go inside the gorge. If you see the weather not looking good don’t go inside the gorge, there is always a next time.

You will also enjoy the natural spa; there is an adult and baby pool. The adult pool is so huge and both have natural water which is rich in minerals that I was told is good for our skin. The pool water feels kind of slippery on your body and looks cloudy too. The water is hot and as you swim more towards the deep end it becomes hotter, oh my so relaxing! The floor of the pool felt cemented and not tiled like the normal pools and the deep end was not so deep, because I could stand comfortably:-)

I’d recommend you make the spa treatment your last activity at the park, that way you will be able to swim and relax well plus the pool has about 3 steps all over the pool where you can sit and lounge in the hot water whenever you get tired. I think you can lose the energy/psyche to tour the park should you swim first.

After swimming we went for our late lunch of dry fry chicken by the lake and because we had to wait for one hour for our food to be ready, we decided to do a boat ride which was more than amazing, I can never get over boat rides, I do it over and over again. If you come to eat by the lake, order your food first then go for the boat ride, food mostly takes 1 hour to be ready.


Kenyan adult – ksh400

Kenyan child – ksh100


Ksh600 per bike


Small car – ksh300

Vans – ksh1000

Adults – ksh300

Children – ksh215

Bike – ksh215 per bike (Yes, after paying 600/- outside the gate to hire the bike, you pay an extra 215/- to enter the park with it).


A boat that carries 7 people – ksh1500


We were 5 adults and we did 2 dry fry whole chickens plus vegetables and ugali at a total of ksh2500.

N/B Don’t forget to carry your swimming costume and biking kit.

If you haven’t been to Hell’s Gate and Lake Naivasha I hope you found this post helpful.











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