My Hotel Review/Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant Diani.

You cannot miss it.

I got the opportunity to dine at this fine restaurant, Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant Diani. It was recommended to me by a friend who had been there before and from the description he gave, it did not disappoint. It was amazing!

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant which is right next to the Forty Thieves Beach Bar is located along Diani beach road. It is set inside a natural cave; is beautiful and perfect for couples looking to have a romantic fine dining dinner. You can check it out here

Waiting for our meals.

It is also perfect for groups of people or families who are touring Diani or just having a party, while there we saw groups of people who were having birthday parties as well, so yeah, it is suitable for everyone.

Once inside you will love everything from the beautiful lighting all over the cave to the open roof that enables you to see the sky and stars while having your dinner and to the beautiful ambience. If that doesn’t sound romantic enough I dont know what is hahaha…

It is beautiful

The menu at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is a la carte, the food is delicious and filling enough but a little pricey so you should go prepared. My friend and I researched and we somehow had a rough idea of how much we were going to spend. So for two people our total bill including two glasses of wine each came to about ksh5500. Not bad for the kind of experience we had.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is open from 7pm and prior booking is encouraged plus they also pick you up and drop you off for free if you are coming from around Diani beach road.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant also has a well-stocked bar, very clean toilets and above all the customer service is excellent.

For me Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant was an out of this world experience, and I definitely would do it again.

Open roof of the cave
When it was still clear outside
The food was yummy. It did not look much but with the side dishes we got so full.
Inside the cave
The bar
Lovely ambience
Lovely setup



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