Kisumu in 60 hours and Kit Mikayi Adventure.

The giant

Born and raised in the Lakeside city, Kisumu is one of my favorite places to visit and it is very close to my heart. You don’t live in a place for two decades and don’t get attached to it in a way. It always feels great to be back home.

I fall in the group of people who were born in Kisumu, went to primary school in Kisumu; high school’d within Kisumu County, later went to College in Kisumu and then finally left Kisumu for greener pastures. I have never known if I should be proud of this or not, but how loyal can one be? 😎

Shaking to the tune.

Anyway, is it just me or is Kisumu so hot nowadays? When I left back in 2006 it was never as hot as it is now. Hot as in the heat. Maybe I got used to it while growing up, but even now the heat doesn’t bother me much. I thrive in humid weather.

Kisumu has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and over the years I have been able to visit almost all of them, some I have documented before, some not. So when I got an opportunity to be in Kisumu for two nights last month, my main goal was to visit Kit Mikayi.

I arrived in kisumu on Sunday evening, checked into my hotel and spent the rest of my evening eating, having adult beverages and planning what I’d do in my short stay. I had made prior arrangements to get a car and a driver who could take me to Kit Mikayi and a few other places.


On Monday morning by 9am I was already having my breakfast when my driver arrived. He suggested we start by going to Maseno to see and take pictures at the equator sign.


Maseno is a town in Kisumu County located along Kisumu-Busia highway, about half an hour drive from the city. The equator sign is just by the roadside, we got there, I took photos and then paid an instructor we found there to demonstrate and explain to me further.

Now, in high school I was a history student, I know so little about Geography :-)😃 and I cleared high school many years ago 😃 but if I remember well what the instructor explained, together with my research, an equator is an imaginary line which divides the earth into Northern and Southern Hemisphere .


The equator passes through 13 countries and Kenya is one of them. In Kenya the equator passes through Nanyuki in Laikipia County, Timboroa in Baringo County and Maseno in Kisumu County. I actually have been to the equator sign in Nanyuki as well.

Nanyuki Equator


Our next destination which I didn’t plan for by the way but my driver decided on was a visit to the beautiful Ciala Resort. I’d heard a lot of talks about the resort before so going to see it was a great adventure all together. We got there, I identified myself and I was accorded a detailed tour of the entire resort which took us about half an hour.

Lovely resort
From the balcony of one of the rooms at Ciala Resort. Can’t really remember if they said that hill is Maragoli hills or not, I’ll find out.


Next destination would be the one I had been eagerly waiting for, the one that brought me to Kisumu; Kit Mikayi. I cannot remember how long it took us to get there but it wasn’t a long drive. Maybe 30 minutes.

When we got to the parking lot of Kit Mikayi *read* someone’s homestead, we got ourselves a spot under a tree and within no minute a man appeared from nowhere to collect the parking fee. My driver having been there before on several occasions confirmed that indeed he was the owner of the home where we had parked and I paid him his dues.

About Kit Mikayi

  •  It is a rock formation that is 70 meters high.
  •  In English Kit Mikayi means stone of the first wife.
  • It is considered as spiritual and is used as a shrine.
  •  Some churches e.g the Legio Maria frequent there to pray and fast.
  •  It is managed by the local community.
  •  It is along Kisumu-Bondo road.
Great adventure
Inside the tunnels.
The heaviest stone I carried.


After paying the entry fee at the reception, a community tour guide, who by the way you are asked to pay “something small” once the tour is over, was called to take me round. I have always wondered how much “something small” is. Anyway, you need proper hiking attire because a lot of climbing of rocks is involved. We climbed up to what they call the 1st floor, and then we climbed again to the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor is where you get perfect view of the surrounding from. This whole adventure took about an hour.

Climbing down was fast. Once back on the ground floor, we found a group of women who are the community traditional dancers. They sing, dance and entertain you once you are done with the tour. You can sit and watch or you can join in the dance which lasts about 15 minutes, I joined in the dance and really made memory. After they are done with the dancing and singing they appreciate if you tip them, they don’t quote a particular figure but whatever you give them, “something small” depending on the size of your pocket they do appreciate.


The next place I went to was Kiboko Bay. The first time I was at kiboko Bay was December 2009 and then I went back in 2012 for a wedding and all these times it was always so beautiful and full of life. This time when I went back it looked neglected and the hyacinth had totally taken over. On asking we were told the sad state of events; they were closing down.

Kiboko Bay



I stayed at the beautiful Acacia Premier hotel and I had a really great time. It was really chilled out unlike when you are there over the weekends. When I say chilled out I mean there was no noise, no many people by the swimming pool as well.

The best time to be here is at the beginning of the week.
My favorite cuisine at Acacia Premier.


  • Return flight to Kisumu

– Silverstone airlines- KSH 8000/-

  • Hotel

– Acacia Premier- KSH 16,000/- per night (Lake view room).

  • Van + driver

– Rented a van for 24 hours @ KSH 5000/- and they picked me up from the airport on arrival.

  • Demonstration at Equator

– KSH300/-

  • Entree fee at Kit Mikayi

– KSH150/-

  • Kit Mikayi tour guide fee

– KSH200 na ya kutoa.

  • Kit Mikayi parking


  • Community traditional dancers

– KSH1000/- this was like any amount you had.

  • Taxi to and from Wilson airport

– KSH1000/-

  • Tuktuk from my hotel to Kisumu airport

– KSH100/-

  • Driver’s tip

– KSH500/-

I hope you found this post informative, feel free to ask me any questions.

eve j.

I carried it so well.

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  1. Still stuck at na ya kutoa! Very informative I have actually never gone to Kit Mikayi, I just pass by on the way to shaggz. This December it is my plan.

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