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Hi mommies, daddies, campers and all the wanderlusters in the house! Its been a minute! Now, I have always wanted to take my little traveler on a camping adventure and last weekend we camped at Oloiden camping site in Naivasha and she won’t stop talking about it. This was her first camping experience, plus she just celebrated her 6th birthday two weeks ago so I guess it was like a second birthday party for her 6th birthday because she totally loved it.

The girls enjoying the views when they woke up the next day

My friend and I planned this fun camping trip together and because we both have busy schedules on Saturdays we planned to leave Nairobi for Naivasha last Saturday at 2pm after we were both done with work, but girls being girls, we left at 3.30pm for a one night girl’s trip; my friend, her daughter, little traveler and I.

It’s the rainy season so before booking we had to make calls to three different camping sites to make inquiries and that’s how we picked Oloiden because they mentioned it hadn’t rained in close to two weeks in Naivasha.

Our tent
Don’t be fooled, it’s so huge inside.

Our drive was smooth, not a single stop by the too many policemen who crowd that route. We arrived at our camp at 5.30pm and found our tent already pitched and our bedding already spread neatly for us.

My friend and I had both camped at Oloiden before and we both agree it’s one of the best there is, the views are to die for especially early in the morning when you wake up. Because of this, sometimes it gets really crowded (it was really full the last time I was there) and that was my worry even as we booked them last week, mostly because we had kids with us but it’s safe to say we had the camp almost to ourselves and the children slept like the babies they are as we listened to music around the bonfire.

Oloiden camp is beautiful

When booking Oloiden, there are two sides. They will ask you upon booking which side you prefer; there is the quiet side where no noise or music is allowed then there is the side where you are free to make noise, play music and play all the noisy games you want which is the place I guess most of us love. Last Saturday I think I only saw about 10 tents on our side; the noisy side. The quiet side would also work best for families who don’t like the drunken noise lol.

Things to note:

• The tent is waterproof so even when it rains the rain won’t get inside your tent.

• If you love views like me book them early (we paid our 50% deposit the same day we decided we are going camping).

Early morning

• It gets really cold at night, so carry heavy duvet, blankets and bed sheets if you want your own( they provide very light blankets) and warm clothing for you and the babies. Don’t forget leg warmers too.

• Carry Bluetooth speakers if you will be playing music through the night. Music will keep you entertained.

• Carry your power banks, anything you want to charge you will pay for (I didn’t remember to ask how much).

• Don’t forget to carry a flashlight; it will come in handy at night. We forgot to carry one and had to hire theirs which are electric and didn’t even last 3 hours but we paid KSH 500 for it.

• Carry drinking water and drinks.

• If you are planning to cook on site, plan and come up with a list of everything you will need then shop before you travel, the shops are a bit far.

• If you have a meko gas you can carry it. If you need three stones for cooking talk to the men helping you to light the fires, they will help but it’s not part of the package.

Our van as our store

• Carry cooking pots/sufurias, utensils and literally anything you think you will need for cooking, the camp doesn’t provide them.

• There is a specific area for cleaning your utensils complete with tap water, soap and a sponge unless you want to carry your own.

• If it’s the rainy season please don’t forget an umbrella, we carried one just in case.

• The toilets are very clean and child friendly as well.

• The bathrooms are clean too and the showers have hot water, just don’t forget to carry your toiletries.

• The camp sells food; lunch, breakfast or dinner you can buy it all from them if you don’t want to cook.

• Checkout they say is 12pm but we left at 2pm (they are not so strict on it).

More views

• If you have never camped at Oloiden before, they allow you to go with your car up to next to your tent and that’s one thing I really love about this camp. Park and operate from your car, removing only what you need and remember to always lock the car.

• Beware of monkeys, they didn’t disturb us much, but they are there always waiting to devour your delicious food.

• Don’t forget to carry small toys for the children but the camp also has a small play area that can keep them busy.

• We had a van which really made work easy because we had lots of space to carry almost everything we needed but any car will do.

• Lastly when I went for camping alone, I didn’t carry much as I did when I went with the little one, but it was totally worth the experience.

The Charges:

They charge according to the tent you want which depends on the number you are.

For example, the tent we took is a quad tent and it can sleep up to four adults so well. We were two adults and two kids and we had more than enough space. We paid KSH 4500 for the quad tent. Please note that there are different tents and even bigger ones than the quad tent.

Breakfast loading

If you are three or four people (kids or adults) in a quad tent you pay 4500/- if you are only two in the quad tent you will pay 3000/-

My total budget:

I spent a total of KSH 6000 on this trip, same to my friend.

Camping to me is one of the most affordable ways to travel and explore Kenya. My little traveler enjoyed and it was a good time for her and my friend’s daughter to bond.

Thanks always for stopping by.

eve j, the traveling mom.

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