A few weeks ago, I road tripped to Mombasa with my hubby and our little one and we had the time of our lives. These two are my favorite travel buddies. You know that thing they say about a family that travels together, right? 🙂 I always look forward to traveling with them.

Thank God it’s Friday! How timely for this post

We began our journey at 5am and by 2pm we were checking into our beautiful hotel. We always leave that early to avoid the crazy traffic along Mariakani.

Travel for us involves collecting experiences, so we always create time to relax, sightsee, do activities and try out their cuisines.

Since we had our car, moving around was easy; we drove to Malindi and at Malindi Marine Park, we rented a boat for ourselves and went for a three hour boat ride to an island and back. For the first time we tried snorkeling and the experience was out of this world.

Sunday is for mass, vacation or not

We also made time for mass at our favorite Catholic Church when in Mombasa, Holy Ghost Cathedral , went for a photo session at the famous pembe za ndovu, did a tour of Forte Jesus and also a tour of Mombasa Old Town. Every other day we stayed in the hotel to relax.

If you are yet to visit Mombasa some other places you can visit but we didn’t because we have done them before include experiencing the finger licking Swahili cuisine at Barka restaurant in CBD, lunch at the Moorings sea food floating restaurant, nature walk at Haller Park, Wild waters, Mamba village, Mombasa Go-Kart among others. If you haven’t yet, you can also go and have a feel of the public beach.

Tips on cost cutting: If flights are too expensive, you can drive down, go by bus or use the SGR. With SGR you will be in Mombasa in five hours. If hotels seem way out of budget, you can always get an apartment and this makes sense only when you are two or more people sharing. Airbnb have good rates. Traveling with a group of friends or family also helps you share costs. Lastly, never forget to plan for the travel.

Good times are spent sipping cocktails at the beach

A bout SGR, I should mention that I used it to Mombasa en route Diani two months ago and I loved the experience although I found the entire process to be a little tedious. Starting with their contact number that never went through AT ALL, where both the stations are located, plus we couldn’t book our tickets back to Nairobi from Mombasa because it was fully booked for several days in a row, we ended up not using it back to Nairobi.

Well I hope you will start planning for that Mombasa vacation you have been putting on hold! Go unleash your beach body to the sun!

Thank you for stopping by.

eve j

Shopping at Marikiti
One of the pools at our hotel
At pembe za ndovu
The 2nd of the three pools at our hotel-the infinity pool, for adults only
Beautiful sunset and view at the spectacular EnglishPoint Marina
My delicious breakfast at Voyager Resort
Taking a stroll at the beach
Still at the beautiful Marina- notice the people swimming?
My favorite tamarind juice at Barka restaurant
About to check into Forte Jesus
Beach life goals 🙂
More beach life
Dinner setup everyday at Voyager Resort
Ready for the beach
Major wanderlust right now
Wanderlust is real, wanderlusters are realer

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