Birthday girl in Mombasa

Mombasa is my favorite city, second to Kisumu. After growing up in the hot humid Kisumu city then living in Mombasa for two years, I still fell in love with that hot humid weather, palm trees and the sandy beaches.

So when my 2018 plans of traveling out of the country for my birthday didn’t come through, my next choice was Mombasa, you cannot go wrong with Mombasa.


And of course I did this trip and celebrated my birthday with my two favorite travel buddies. We booked Whitesands hotel three weeks in advance.

For the first time, we traveled and never left the hotel to go out for any sightseeing, I think we did much in our last year August Mombasa travel. So for this it was all about bumming within the hotel.

The only time we left the hotel was the day after my birthday when we went to party at my favorite Mombasa night spot; Tapas Cielo.

Our room:
I loved our room. It had a beautiful view; palm trees and pool facing view.

View from our room
Loved our room

When the food is good my mood is great. Whitesands got their food right all through! Buffet set up for breakfast every day and dinner with a wide range of variety topped up with a perfect live band performance every dinner time.


The hotel offers so many water sport activities, We had scheduled to have a glass boat ride early in the morning on our last day but we missed it.

For the first time I rode a jet ski. Jet skiing has been in my bucket list but I had never done it before. It was an awesome experience. Totally loved it.

Jet Ski

If you want to do it pay to have it for 30 minutes and above, if you need to be shown/taught how to do it let them do that for even 10 minutes then you go far in the ocean and back yourself for the remaining 20 minutes. Anyway been there done that, dusted off my bucket list ✔️

While there you can also ride a camel, but am I the only one who feels camel riding costs are so high up there in the Coast? Like too exaggerated?

Another thing you can do which I didn’t do is to visit their spa and wellness center. I read very great reviews about it before we booked the hotel.

Nanny services
If you are like me who always has to experience the night life of a place anytime I travel then this definitely will benefit you. If you travel with the baby/babies but you would like to go out at night for a few hours Whitesands provides nanny services at ksh400/- per hour and you pay for the nanny’s transport separate.

Kids Club
I totally love the idea of kids club, last year when we vacationed at the Voyager resort they had one so that was one thing we were really hoping to find in our next hotel. Whitesands did a good job for the week we were there, we took little wanderluster there every morning from 10am-12.30pm and they had lots of kids activities which she really enjoyed.

Swimming pools
Whitesands boasts five big fancy swimming pools. I wasn’t able to even go to all of them because I had two favorites.

One of our favorites

Verdict: Best hotel I have lived in so far in Mombasa. Everything was perfect from the reception to helpful staffs. Not forgetting Coco’s beach bar and Lido’s restaurant which are by the beach.

“Growing up does not mean you become boring. It’s all about choices and how you feel”

Happy birthday to me.


To many more

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you need more info.

eve j.

Birthday girl


  1. This is so cool @ Eve! I actually thought travelling to Mombasa with my babies is a no no but after reading about the nanny care for (night crawlers like I am) and kids club houses am totally looking forward to Msa with family. Great read!

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