At the Tortoise Sanctuary, Prison Island.

At the port of Zanzibar
People enjoying a boat ride

Which other place to spend your Easter holiday than in Nungwi, Zanzibar? Like I said in my solo travel post, I travelled to Nungwi, Zanzibar because I wanted a solo travel experience and also to kill two birds with one stone. Kill two birds with one stone in that I was visiting Dar es Salaam and decided to make a detour to Zanzibar.

Before my travel I googled and found out that most people preferred to stay in Nungwi, the second largest village in Zanzibar. They described it as “one of the best beaches of the world”. It is in the far end, North of Zanzibar and indeed very beautiful.

Fast forward to my arrival, I found out that there is no uber in Zanzibar, so you either take the airport taxis which are crazily expensive or find the kawaida taxis.

The airport taxis charge ksh6000 from the airport to Nungwi and they made me believe I wouldn’t find a better deal than ksh5000, I almost cried. Luckily, I found one of the kawaida taxis that agreed to take ksh3000.

When I say Nungwi is far I mean FAR, lol …. the drive from the airport to my hotel took 1.5 hours, a smooth ride with no traffic.

My flight cost:

I booked KQ and a round trip ticket of NBO-DAR, DAR-ZNZ, ZNZ-NBO cost me ksh35000. In a nutshell, I paid ksh5000 extra to go to Zanzibar because the KQ flight to Dar es Salaam only was ksh30000 (This 30k is what I wanted to maximize on).

Precision Air has better deals always, so next time you can check that too.

Where I stayed:

On JumiaTravel I got this nice hotel and with the good reviews and deal, I booked it one month prior. Had I booked directly with the hotel I would have paid ksh7725 per day but through JumiaTravel I paid ksh5400 per day for bed and breakfast.

At the hotel
The hotel


Bonus Tip: If you book your hotel through these travel apps pay direct to the booking agency, I chose the option of paying on arrival at the hotel and I ended up paying more due to the hotel’s exorbitant exchange rate and it gets even worse if you are a lover of plastic money.

What to do in Nungwi, Zanzibar:

1) Visit Stone Town

Stone Town is the oldest part and main city of Zanzibar and also a major tourist attraction in Tanzania. I toured Stone Town but wasn’t wowed much though I think if you have a good guide you can learn and see a lot.

2) Forodhani Gardens

Forodhani gardens is a small park in stone town and is mostly busy after sunset. There is a popular food street market where both tourists and locals meet to have dinner which mostly is Swahili and Zanzibar cuisines. As I was on solo travel, I was afraid to stay till after sunset to experience Forodhani’s night life because I still had a journey back of about one hour.

3) Visit Changuu Island

Also known as Prison Island, it is 5.6km from Stone Town and only accessible via boat ride. It was used as a prison for rebellious slaves back in the 1860s. Prison Island is very beautiful with very white sandy beach and colourful waters.

4) Visit the tortoise sanctuary

There are lots of tortoises here with the oldest being 192 years old. A lot worth learning.

5) Take a boat ride

Well, a boat ride is a must for me. I enjoy it all the time. I went for a sunset dhow cruise in Nungwi beach and it was all shades of amazing.

6) Ride dala dala

At Nungwi stage going to board my bus to Stone Town

You know the mini buses in Tanzania are called ‘dala dala’, right? Because taxis were very expensive, I decided to use dala dala which cost me ksh200 to and from Stone Town. The cheapest taxi I got charged ksh2500 for a one way trip to town.

In fact next time If I land early in Zanzibar I’ll just take dala dala to my hotel, quite affordable.

8) Spice tour

This is the only thing in my to do list that I didn’t find time to do but I read good reviews about it, so when in Zanzibar dont miss it.

Well there you go guys, I hope you found this post useful. Planning to visit soon? I also agree that Nungwi, Zanzibar is the place to visit.

Tour of Stone Town
The beautiful doors of Stone Town
Boat ride to Prison/Changuu Island
Spotted this beautiful hotel during our boat ride
Snacking during the boat ride
Enjoying the boat ride
Enjoying the views of Prison Island
Spotted these at Zanzibar’s largest market, Darajani Market
Nungwi beach


  1. That is a very valuable tip, about paying online when booking. We got caught out similarly in Cornwall once. It is so annoying. Zanzibar sounds lovely!

  2. The pictures of this place are really exotic. I’ve never heard about this place but by reading this post, I got a glimpse of it. Maybe I’ll travel here someday!

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