I love places that are so near you can drive down or hop into a matatu early in the morning to escape the city in 1 or 2 hours and be back in the evening or the next day. So last week, I did a road trip to Hell’s Gate, Naivasha.

I was last at Hell’s Gate National Park many years ago; we decided to do it again because I could hardly remember. Naivasha is an amazing town with a lot to learn, a lot to adventure in and is that ideal place for you when your wanderlust is calling for a short or spontaneous road trip. Continue reading “HELL’S GATE TOUR”


Dubai is the most beautiful city I have been to. You can take a vacation or business trip and you can as well do the two together in this amazing city. Like I promised, I thought to share my experience to help anyone in business who’s been planning to import goods from Dubai. You will find almost everything you want and it’s not a tedious process like going to China or Turkey (I’ll do a post about my business trip experience to China and Turkey in a few weeks for anyone interested in importing from these two countries). But, first things first. Continue reading “TIPS ON IMPORTING GOODS FROM DUBAI”

Newest Mall In Town/Two Rivers Mall

Do you ever wonder what the hype is all about whenever there is a new mall, night club or fast food restaurant in town?

I wanted to feel the excitement. See, I haven’t even gone to the famous fast food chains that opened recently in Nairobi, one reason is how these places get packed the first few days and weeks, and that was my predicament at Two Rivers Mall last Sunday (it’s 2nd week). Continue reading “Newest Mall In Town/Two Rivers Mall”