Lake Nakuru

I should have strated documenting my travels years ago, because I have so many places I visited from way back, Like this Nakuru one, but oh well, it’s never too late. Β I’ll bring them up one by one in the blog.

Game drive

Anyhoo, Nakuru is one of those places you cannot go wrong with when you are planning a short road trip. I have done road trips to Nakuru a couple of times but the 2nd last one I did was the highlight of them all because it was mainly for the purpose of exploring.

Zebras at the park

Nakuru, the fourth largest city in Kenya and the capital of Nakuru County is home to Lake Nakuru, one of the Rift Valley soda lakes. Nakuru in Maasai means dust or a dusty place.

We did this trip over the long holiday of June 1’st 2012 and I still remember the events vividly. From Nairobi it takes about three hours, we left Nairobi in the morning arriving in Nakuru around midday. It was only my hubby and I from Nairobi but we were meeting my brother and his friends in Nakuru.

Game drive

Because we were going to stay in a hotel that was the first thing we did on arrival, to look for a perfect hotel to stay in for the three days. Β We got one that matched our budget and settled in. Then we started exploring.

What you can do in Nakuru Town

  • Lake Nakuru National Park

You can visit Lake Nakuru National park and tour the entire park throughout the day. We toured the park and did a game drive ourselves; we were able to see several animals, lots of birds and lots of flamingos.

Lots and lots of them

You also get to see the beautiful scenery and nature surrounding the park, the Rift Valley and waterfalls.

It also is an ideal place for camping.

The charges at Lake Nakuru National Park are ksh860 for adults and ksh215 for children.

Beautiful gardens at Lord Egerton Castle. Perfect for Weddings.
  • Lake Nakuru

In Lake Nakuru you will see a lot; different birds and the many flamingos that feed on the algae in the lake.

  • Makalia waterfall

If you are after and love waterfalls like me, you will love Makalia waterfall.

Makalia Falls
  • Lord Egerton Castle

We also toured the Lord Egerton Castle, getting there was a problem but eventually we did it. Adults pay ksh150 and children ksh50 to get inside and to be guided by a guide who is well informed about the Castle.

The Castle

You can finish off by experiencing the night life, we were able to visit one or two night clubs and we enjoyed. That was way back in 2012 so right now I’m sure a lot have come up.

Have you explored Nakuru? Is it your next trip? You will not go wrong with it.



  1. Looks so good. It’s so green and I love all these animals. I’ve never been in Afrika at all so it is time I gues πŸ˜‰ How are the people there? Is it save and friendly? Now I am in South America but Africa is next for sure!

    1. Jasmijn, Africa is a beautiful continent, full of lovely and caring people and you will fall in love. I come from Kenya, which is a country in Africa, very beautiful. book your flight already! πŸ™‚

  2. I have never been, but it looks like a nice little trip to take! I love waterfalls too, even though I have yet to see one in person! πŸ™

  3. Sounds great. I visited Kenya in 2012 and had an amazing time, I really hope I get to return soon. If I do I hope to visit Nakuru. Thanks for sharing.

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