Some tips for road trips

I love road trips! I have done several but I still find myself getting excited whenever one is coming up. I find them exciting and full of fun especially if driving down with friends or family.  There is that freedom that comes with it if you have a private car, for example you are free to do whatever you wish to, you can put your feet on the dashboard, you can sleep without worrying who is bothered by your loud snoring, you can fart (LOL) because these are people who understand you and would not take somethings so seriously.

Some of the things you can put into consideration when preparing for a road trip may include the following:


The number one thing to do is plan, plan and plan. Unless the road trip is a spontaneous one where you just decide that tomorrow you are travelling then definitely not much planning will be involved.

Research extensively on where you plan to go, for example where you will be staying.

Are you going by public means, are you hiring a vehicle or are you driving down your car?

Are you taking the trip alone or with others? It is ok to have an alone trip(I look forward to having one this year) it is also merrier if you take a road trip with


What do you plan to do at your destination? Have a plan for daily activities.

How long will you be a way?


Come up with a budget for the whole trip depending on how long the trip will take, how many you are and what you will need for the entire trip.

What to carry:

Carry some music, snacks, drinks, water and any other thing you might need for the trip.

Things like toiletries you can buy when you arrive or carry with you from home.

If you are road “trippin” as a group then decide if you will hire a vehicle, make sure to have one of you as the designated driver, do not drink and drive or get a driver you can pay and also remember to have all the road safety

Never forget your identification documents.

Be spontaneous: Let loose and have fun, road trips were made for fun 🙂

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