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I love food, I love wine and I have an infinite love for fine dining 🙂 and as someone in the hospitality industry with dreams that send chills down my spine, I am constantly seeking to learn more beyond what I already know, just to find out how things are done out there in the restaurant world. Nothing fascinates me in this industry the way fine dining does, nothing.

In the last two years I’ve found myself developing an interest in wine and as a result I’ve attended two wine tasting events and a wine tasting master class, the latter was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve also attended a detailed cheese and wine pairing class but what I hadn’t crossed off the list was a food and wine pairing class. So this had me going for a chef’s table fine dining 7 course food and wine pairing dinner on Tuesday and I lack words. I lack words to write this in the best way possible because the whole experience was so heavenly and worth it.


I’ve cooked alongside head chefs in the industry before, a head chef has come to my table before to talk about his menu and explain the food or ask how his food was but I’ve not sat in a restaurant’s kitchen before watching the chef prepare my meal as I enjoy the food with her/him making trips to our table and interacting with us. That’s what chef’s table dinner is about, it should be an intimate dinner of a small group of diners hosted in the kitchen by the chef, but it can also be held near the kitchen on a special table away from the usual guests eating area. In Nairobi it has been happening mostly in the big name hotels.

So when I found out The Wine Shop Kenya; a wine bar and cafe, was hosting a 7 course chef’s table food and wine pairing dinner, I booked myself in. I used to be a regular at The Wine Shop when they were still at Piedmont plaza on Ngong road, but a few months ago they moved to Loresho to an even bigger and beautiful location, so this was also a chance for me to see their new space.

Patiently waiting

The dinner was to start at 7.30pm and I was there at 7.15pm. You can’t be late for dinner, especially when you are given a specific time to work with. On arrival the welcoming drink was a tall sexy glass of champagne which you could have as much as you wanted and we sipped away as we waited for the rest of the diners to arrive. It was an intimate dinner of 14 guests only and you had to book in advance.

Every part of the menu was palatable and enjoyable, I do not remember at any point where I didn’t clear the food I’d served on my plate. My most favorite part though  was the main course; a lemon and herbs roast chicken, homemade linguine pesto, Swahili style fish curry with sides of perfectly done mouthwatering roast potatoes and rice and even though I am not big on dessert, I devoured all the two types that were served.

Being a very intimate dinner, our table had only 6 of us and the 2nd table had 8. It’s true what they say, that good food and wine do bring people together because the conversations we had on that table! SCRUMPTIOUS. Those are the kind of conversations I want to have for the rest of my life; a table of travelers, food and wine lovers. It was a superb night.

Overall, the entire 7 course meal was a divine combination of flavors, well prepared, plated and presented in the most enticing ways and paired well with the different wines that we had for pairing. Definitely the chef outdid himself and the sommelier was knowledgeable, answered all our questions and yes, he was generous with the wine too. The host dined with us as well and was very helpful and hospitable.


I got value for my money, I felt relaxed and pampered and I cannot wait to go back for such a dinner or just for the usual dining at The Wine Shop. They have also done a splendid job with the space, I loved the decor and the few employees I interacted with were also very helpful.

If you have been looking for recommendations on places to dine alone or with your loved ones, I will be bringing a series on this every often, based only on restaurants I have personally dined in. Stay tuned as I mix travel with food in the most enticing and helpful ways.

I hope you enjoyed the read and as usual I’ll be waiting for your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you.

eve j, the traveling mom

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The dinner setup right next to the kitchen