I’m actually craving cheese right now.

Happy new month everyone! WOW. November 2019 already? Who would have thought that we would be celebrating Christmas again so soon? lol.. Just the other day we were making New Year resolutions! Huh. But I am excited, mostly because I am a Christmas lover and two things I look forward to and celebrate for a whole month are my birthday and Christmas. This festive season if you will be looking for activities to do or places to take your loved ones, Brown’s cheese farm is that place. It is located in Limuru, a short drive of less than an hour from Nairobi.

This is also so ideal for the foodies and cheese lovers. I love food and I love my cheese just as much, if I have only two food options to eat for the rest of my life, definitely cheese would be one of the two. I’m always stocking lots and lots of cheese in my fridge and I think we eat cheese once or twice a week over here.


Well, so last week I got an opportunity to visit Brown’s cheese farm in Limuru and had a cheese and wine pairing class as well as a detailed tour of the cheese factory and the farm. We learned a lot and also had an amazing time. I’ll keep this really short even though I noted so much down.

It all started with them asking me to be at the farm by 12pm last week on Thursday. What I didn’t know was that the entire thing would take four hours! But I did I know I was going to have lots of wine, so I asked my driver to accompany me for the short drive.

Those rosemary crackers!!!

We left Nairobi at about 10.30am arriving at the farm in an hour or less. I had to wait for another 30 minutes for the other people we were to do the tour and tasting with to arrive. At exactly 12pm we started off.

Brown’s cheese factory has been operating for the last 30 years and has about 150 employees in the entire farm. I was surprised at the variety of cheese they produce. They make over 40 different kinds of cheese! I honestly wasn’t aware that there are so many kinds of cheese out there. I think before going to Brown’s I could only name about 10 different cheeses confidently.

This was fun

They not only make cheese, but they also make fresh homemade crackers of different kinds, ice cream and a lot more food stuff.

It was now time to start the tour and first was the tour of the cheese processing section and we saw how different cheeses are made and preserved till they mature and are ready for the market. Next we went to see how they make their ice creams, unfortunately we didn’t get to see how they make them because they had been made earlier that same morning and they only make a few in a day. We however got to see how they make their crackers and some bread as well.

After we were done with the factory tour, we then proceeded to the cheese tasting section. I had the pleasure of tasting 8 different cheeses, which we paired with wine. This was the most fun part because cheese and wine together is just an out of this world experience in the mouth. The selection of the cheese we had were also delicious and paired fairly well with the different wines we had (you do know that some cheese can be very bitter).

Cheese and wine pairing

After the cheese and wine pairing it was now time to have lunch. I must mention that the cheese and wine was quite filling and so the lunch we started with a very delicious soup which we had with the tasty fresh breads. Next were salads, pizzas and a lot other bitings. I also thoroughly devoured their fresh homemade rosemary crackers and wow, they were more than yummy and so fresh. For dessert we sampled their freshly made ice cream which was so good, rich and creamy.

After the heavy delicious lunch it was now time to have a nap (I kid!). There was no nap time, after lunch we immediately went to have a tour of the farm. Brown’s food company depends solely on their produce and in the farm they have lots and lots of vegetables and herbs as well.

In the farm

Lastly we went to the animals section; they also do have lots of animals in the farm such as cows, pigs and poultry. The fun part for children I think was milking the cows. I think that’s such a good experience for anyone who has never done it before.

Vitutamu everywhere

The whole event lasted 4 hours. We started at 12pm and finished at 4pm.


If you want to do the whole process of factory and farm tour, lunch, cheese and wine pairing it costs KSH 4000 per person.

Everything else minus the wine is KSH 3000.

Points to note:

•Keep time, if you are not there by 12pm they will start without you.

•They are open for the class and tour only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Saturday is always busiest and mostly booked way in advance.

Lunch was served

•You still have to book Thursday and Friday in advance as well though they are the most chilled out days if you don’t like crowds.

•They encourage you go in groups but if you want to go alone book either Thursday or Friday or call them for advice.

•You can pay via Mpesa to book a slot.

•For contacts kindly check their website.

I hope you enjoyed this read and found it useful. Let me know.


eve j, the traveling mom.

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