Kisumu in 60 hours and Kit Mikayi Adventure.

The giant

Born and raised in the Lakeside city, Kisumu is one of my favorite places to visit and it is very close to my heart. You don’t live in a place for two decades and don’t get attached to it in a way. It always feels great to be back home.

I fall in the group of people who were born in Kisumu, went to primary school in Kisumu; high school’d within Kisumu County, later went to College in Kisumu and then finally left Kisumu for greener pastures. I have never known if I should be proud of this or not, but how loyal can one be? 😎 Continue reading “Kisumu in 60 hours and Kit Mikayi Adventure.”


This was my view everyday from the hotel

Forget about work trips, those you must go alone, sometimes.  The solo travel here is planning and going on a vacation alone. Insane, right? My Zanzibar solo travel experience was awesome, I enjoyed every bit.

I have made business trips alone, but planning for a vacation and going alone is something I had never done before, so I was burning to have that experience. Continue reading “SOLO TRAVEL/MY ZANZIBAR SOLO TRAVEL EXPERIENCE”