Takawiri Island Resort

Isn’t this just beautiful?
Cakey Island

Hey Wanderlusters! So, If you know me well you know I am a travel enthusiast and I love traveling to different places. If I’m not cooking I’m always finding out which places I want to go to next. And that vibe led me to the beautiful place I traveled to last month: Takawiri Island.

Around mid-last year, as I was researching on places to visit, I stumbled on a post about the beautiful Takawiri island resort in Mbita.

There and then I slid Takawiri island into my bucket list. I had to visit this beautiful island in the lakeside.

For those who don’t know, Mbita is a rural community in Homa Bay County on the shores of Lake Victoria.

I shared this awesome idea with my girls and together we started planning.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2018, the girls and I treated ourselves to a galentine’s island vacay! (Yes I know galentine’s day is on the 13th February, but ours had to happen on the 18th).

All white

The journey to Takawiri is a very long one. Like ‘we’ say down in the Coast “yataka roho”. Kweli yataka roho. It was somehow easy for us though because one of us lives in Homa Bay town, so we spent Friday night at her house and started the journey to Takawiri Island next day early morning.

From Homa Bay we hired two cars that took us to Mbita town. In Mbita we boarded the 10am water bus that took us to Takawiri beach. From Mbita to Takawiri Island is about an hour ride via the water bus which drops you at Takawiri island /beach then you take a 10 minute boat ride to Takawiri Island Resort (which was our final destination).

Takawiri Island Resort is the only resort/hotel I saw around. It is a private beach with full coastal vibes; palm trees, white sandy beach and the lake which is so clean and beautiful. They charge 500/- for you to access their premises if you are not staying and you can redeem it for a meal or refreshments.

The resort has about 6 cottages within a very spacious compound, a large restaurant and well stocked bar.

The food was good, however because it is in an island you need to book early for them to prepare themselves on matters food.

The rooms are spacious enough and do not have television sets which makes it a perfect weekend getaway. No Wi-Fi, no nothing. Just you and your girls or partner staring at the beach or talking to each other lol, sounds romantic, huh?

Source: internet

So this is one trip I really under budgeted for. Maybe because my mind registered it was Homa Bay I was traveling to and not Lamu or Mombasa. Shock on me. Plan well because you get to spend little amounts of money lots of times along the journey.

Did I enjoy my trip? 100%

Was the resort worth it for me? 50/50. Only because I feel they have great potential to do more, otherwise it is superb.

If you are looking to visit a quiet place you can relax in and shut the world out or a place you haven’t been to and the adventures involved excites you, pack-your-bags quick!

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you need to know their charges and contact number.

Till next time

eve j.

So beautiful
You just want to lay down and relax
At the bar and where we had our meals
Beach please
The kind of views I like to see
Beach please
Water bus ride from the island
Can you seethe resort already?
At Takawiri Island already but one more step to our final destination
The beautiful resort from a distance



    1. Hi Kate, I am sorry I can’t even remember the exact charges but reach me on 0786 410 205 so that I send you a contact number of someone who works there.

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