The Majlis Resort: Manda Island, Lamu Luxury Trip.

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Part two of my Manda Island trip I went to this beautiful hotel; The Majlis Resort. It is a stylish privately owned luxury beachfront hotel that has both Swahili style and a little bit of modern vibes. You easily fall in love with The Majlis and you end up wanting to stay more days save for the cost that will send you packing your bags.

The Majlis and Diamond Beach Village are the only two hotels that actively operate in Manda Island. The rest are small privately owned houses for rental and others are people’s vacation homes.

Just as it is.

You can stay in Lamu Town, Shela or Manda and still go to The Majlis for food or drinks or just to see how it looks like.

Wine O’clock
Pina colada. Yummy!

The Majlis offers you that perfect fine dining experience and if you know me you know how fine dining excites me. The dining area has an amazing view of the palm trees and extends to the beautiful beach.

Patiently waiting

My room was beautiful and very spacious, the staff were friendly and very helpful, service was top notch, food was delicious all times, how I loved breakfast and dinner time! and in the evenings they provided some hot delicious pizzas as evening snack in the two main bars for anyone who needed to snack.

Loved it!

The Majlis is that perfect destination for relaxation and it is stunning in general.

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Manda Island trip entire budget breakdown:

So, rather than do a separate budget breakdown post, I decided to join these two.

  • Transport:
    I booked Silverstone airlines about 3 weeks in advance(they do have some really good rates).
    -Return flight- KSH13,000/-
    -Taxi to and from Wilson Airport- 1200/-
  •  Accomodation:
    -Diamond Beach Village – KSH6000/- per night on bed and breakfast.
    -Dinner at Diamond Beach Village- Meals were roughly 1300/- per meal. Cheapest meal I saw was a pizza I had at KSH1000/-.  Also a trick I have learned over time during my travels is to always have a good heavy breakfast, that way lunch passes without me noticing.
    -The Majlis Resort- KSH15,000/- per night on full board basis.
  • Trip to Lamu Town:
    -I hired a tour guide at KSH1000/- and he had his own boat so that fee included me having the boat to myself, picking me up from the hotel, taking photos of me, showing me around and then taking me back to Manda Island.
  •  Sunset dhow cruise:
    I honestly don’t know how much it genuinely cost because initially I was asked to pay KSH5000/- which I told them was ridiculous. After much negotiations and with little help from my tour guide, I paid 2500/- this included the cruise and dinner that is prepared in the boat. It was worth it.
  •  Alcohol & non alcoholic drinks:
    -Alcohol is expensive in Manda Island. Maybe Lamu as whole. Local beers were all KSH350/-, a glass of wine was KSH400/- at the Majlis while at Diamond Beach Village a glass of wine was KSH500/-
    -In non alcoholic drinks water was the cheapest at KSH250/- for a 1.5L bottle.
  • Lunch in Lamu Town:
    -After spending a good 1 hour in the sun roaming the narrow streets of Lamu Town, I treated myself to my all time favorite drink; madafu at KSH50/- for one.
  • A favorite

-Lunch for the tour guide and I cost me a total of 500/-

I hope you found this post helpful. Feel free to leave a comment in case you have a question, I will get back.

Enjoy the photos.

eve j

Yo! The ambience and decor is lovely.
On arrival
They picked me up from my previous hotel
Food and views
Food and views
Loved it
Pool number one
I loved their decor
I try samosas wherever I go. Vitutamu is tops! 🙂
One of the best times in Manda Island is the evenings! The sunsets are so beautiful and picturesque.

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