What’s in my beach bag?

A few days ago I traveled to Diani. So to me this trip meant spending most of my time  in the sun, at the beach and in water and hence I decided to do this post about what’s in my beach bag.

The weather was hot and humid so I packed very light clothing for the beach and all activities I was going to do.

For my beach bag I packed the following:


I cannot do without sunscreen when going to very hot places. I use one that is water resitant by Neutrogena and I love it.

Sun glasses:

For someone like me who wears sunglasses on a daily, I couldn’t forget to carry them. I always carry two pairs with me just in case I lose or misplace one.

Floppy hat:

You need this as it will help protect you further from the sun.

Lip balm:

Because of the scorching sun, your lips will always tend to dry, so you will need to moisturize your lips many times. If you have one that has spf, the better but any can do.

Beach towel:

Carry a big beach towel which you will use to dry yourself after being in the water and you can as well lie on it at the beach.

A snack:

You can carry a snack to munch away should you get hungry.

A book:

I carried a book but definitely didn’t read it because I was in the water most of the time. This can come in handy when you are at the poolside bed.

Flip flops:

These are light rubber-like sandals and are so ideal to walk in while going to the beach. I got mine from Mr. Price 2 years ago and I only use them for swimming pool or beach.

Tote bag:

You need this to carry all you need for the beach.


I couldn’t forget to carry a bottle of ice cold water. When you get thirsty and there is nobody selling water around or you didn’t carry some cash to the beach.

Those are the items I packed, maybe you like to carry less? Or maybe you are like me? It all depends. I think I’ll also carry an umbrella next time 🙂

One piece of advice is to always watch your beach bag all the time while at the beach, there are lots of people/beach boys walking around and people do lose their items.

I hope you found my post useful and got some tips for your next beach visit.


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